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[Zhou Dongyu won the Best Actress of the Hundred Flowers Award] On September 26, the closing ceremony of the Hundred Flowers Award was held. Dongyu Zhou, who played the heroine Chen Nian in "Youth of the Youth", won the Best Actress of the Year at the Hundred Flowers Award. Zhou Dongyu said: "At this moment, I want to express my feelings in one sentence, and I am very nervous. Zhengzhou Zhenzhong (in Henan dialect). Thanks to the Baihua Award and every judge, and thank all the audience for their encouragement. Thanks to the producer and director And all the lovely people in "Youth in Youth", you are all very good. Many people say that I can only play as a middle school student, but I am especially gratified that if the audience likes it, I can also play as a primary school student. I have been very solid and fulfilled recently, and the epidemic is coming I was really anxious and worried when I was there. I would like to thank the people who have contributed to the fight against the epidemic. I want to pay tribute to you and thank you for your efforts to get me back to work so quickly. I hope everyone will be healthy and safe."

[周冬雨荣获百花奖最佳女主角] 9月26日,百花奖闭幕式举行。在《青年时代》中饰演女主角陈念的周冬雨,在百花奖中荣获年度最佳女演员奖。周冬雨说:“此刻,我想用一句话表达自己的感情,我很紧张。郑州振中(河南话)。感谢白花奖和每一位评委,感谢所有听众的鼓励。感谢制片人和导演,以及《青年时代》中所有可爱的人,你们都很棒,很多人说我只能作为一名中学生玩,但我特别满意的是,如果听众喜欢,我还可以当小学生的角色,我最近一直很坚强和充实,并且流行到来时,我真的感到非常焦虑和担忧,我要感谢为反抗斗争做出贡献的人们我要向您致敬,并感谢您为使我如此迅速地恢复工作所做的努力。我希望每个人都健康安全。”

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