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Original title: Glory of the King: After the S21 season, a large number of players began to retreat. The reason is indignation!


In the new S21 season, not only new skins and new heroes are coming to the Canyon of Kings one after another, but Tianmei has also modified and adjusted many old content. However, after the major changes to the Glory of Kings version, a large number of players retreated. What happened to cause this result? Tell the reason, the truth is infuriating!


The first is the decline in the winning percentage of the Glory of the Kings shooter. Everyone knows that in qualifying, there are many players who like to play the shooter. Everyone wants to be the focus of the battlefield. Therefore, the team often starts to compete for the shooter position at the beginning. However, in the new season, the skills of many archer heroes have been weakened, coupled with the rise of fighters and tanks, making it more difficult for archers to take the initiative in the game in a short time. As Sagittarius heroes become more and more difficult to play in qualifying, more and more people retreat.


Secondly, many new skins in Glory of Kings have hidden attribute bonuses in special effects. Although Tianmei did not use the skill value, some players found that players who purchased limited skins or even Glory Collection skins would get better Hero strikes, and some special effects blessings. For example, Xiahoudun’s Infinite Hurricane, some people think that its skill range is vaguely enlarged, and Yu’s martial arts skin is also more likely to hit the enemy with its skills. Many players think that the game balance is disrupted, so they retreat in anger.

其次,《王者荣耀》中的许多新皮肤在特效中都有隐藏的属性加成。尽管天美没有使用技能值,但一些玩家发现购买有限皮肤甚至Glory Collection皮肤的玩家会获得更好的英雄打击,并获得一些亚博app哪个好特殊效果祝福。例如,下侯墩的无限飓风,有人认为它的技能范围模糊不清,而于的武术皮肤也更有亚博app哪个好可能用其技能击中敌人。许多玩家认为游戏平衡被破坏,因此在愤怒中退缩。



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